nominet .uk new tld proposal

If you have a you will want to know about the new .uk

Nominet issued a proposal on 1st July 2013 to launch .uk domains in 2014.

They neglected to show the potential consequences of this introduction or any alternatives.

I have produced a document "Get involved or lose your .uk domains" please read it together with the Nominet proposal documents at

More links will be added until the .uk announcment is made in November 2013.
Nominet .uk online consultation closed on 23rd September 2013.
uk consultation
Please download the Report.

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download uk report

Report prepared by Stephen Wilde : August 2013.

change the uk namespace

List of questions send to Nominet here.

List of links that you may find informative on the .uk debate:

Splash Web a performance marketing company for small and medium size enterprises informative view of the second level UK proposal. They are a Nominet member.

Alex Bligh a founder and non-exec director of Nominet for 11 years, his blog where he shares his feedback form on the .uk proposal, a very articulate, stimulating and interesting read.
The PDF document with the full feedback can be downloaded here

.uk Feedback from Edwin Hayward, author of some pivotal reports which showed the flaws in the previous .uk proposal. The new PDF document with his .uk feedback to the current proposal can be downloaded here

.uk Feedback from Stephen Wilde, author of the report shown on this website. The PDF document with the full feedback can be downloaded here

.uk Feedback from Open Rights Group. The full feedback can be seen here

.uk Feedback from Sandra Wilde. Good big picture overview. The full feedback can be seen here

Press Releases issued:

24 08 13 "Big flaws in the new .uk domain extension exposed in new report by Stephen Wilde " here

28 08 13 "Founder of Nominet states that he is against the current Nominet .uk proposal and encourages others to respond to the consultation before it is too late " here

04 09 13 "Nominet deadline for .uk feedback closes 23rd September, after that it is too late to save domain names" here

Leaflet for distribution at domaian and internet meetings " here

uk launch 2014
If you own a UK domain, work for somebody who uses a UK domain or intend to in the future the current Nominet .uk proposal will effect you.

There is currently a proposal that you can add your views on how the UK domain namespace should be developed and how and if .uk should be launched.

Here are some of the reasons, you should read the Report:
Did you domain names are coming in 2014?

“Opt in scheme for equivalent .uk”

Owners of a Million or more domains will not apply for new .uk, as they will not know about it

“Oldest registration gets first chance”

Up to 250,000 domain holders will not be able to obtain the equivalent .uk under the current proposal including:
to name but a few.

New .uk domain will cost over 100% more than and owner will still keep paying for the renewals to protect website.

Confidence in trusted extensions like,, etc. will be eroded by claims .uk is more secure

Security nightmare with different owners of and .uk: phishing attacks, misdirected email, scams, cyber-squatting and fraud.
Please get involved and help the UK domain space develop in the right direction

Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or comments on this Report or website at
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